Giving Ghost a Second Chance

Five-year-old Ghost’s life turned completely upside down when she was hit by a car last week. The impact of the car caused her eye to bulge and she was in serious pain. Ghost was brought to an emergency veterinary clinic where her family was told she needed her eye removed quickly. Unfortunately, this procedure is expensive and Ghost’s owner felt the best choice was to surrender her so she could receive the care she desperately needed.

She spent the night at the emergency veterinary clinic receiving fluids and pain medication before she could be transported to Charleston Animal Society. It didn’t take long for our animal care team to fall in love with sweet Ghost. Her body had experienced such trauma, but her heart was so full of love and trust for the team around her. This 50-lb. German Shepard mix was gentle and calm despite the pain she felt.

One eye removal and three stitches later, Ghost was on her way to a full recovery. She is now resting and healing with a local animal rescue that had helped her find a home years ago. We are all optimistic that Ghost has a bright future ahead of her in a new, loving home.

When unexpected veterinary costs arise, like they did in Ghost’s case, pet parents are often faced with challenging financial decisions that can sometimes lead to surrendering or even euthanasia. At Charleston Animal Society, we know the importance of protecting you and your pets from unexpected veterinary costs. That is why we now offer Fetch by the Dodo insurance.