Pecan Heals After Two Broken Legs

Late last week, a local veterinarian stumbled upon a sweet, little dog in a horrible situation. Pecan, a 21-pound stray beagle, had likely been hit by a car and was suffering from two badly broken legs. She was so lucky to have been found by a veterinarian who knew she needed care fast. One front leg and one back leg had severe fractures and she was in devastating pain.

Treatment for Pecan

At a local veterinary clinic, 6-year-old Pecan received surgery, medication and her broken legs were splinted before she was transported to Charleston Animal Society. Now, she is healing and resting while our animal care team monitors her wounds. She is on a regular schedule of antibiotics and pain medications and her bandages are changed regularly.

Fortunately, sweet Pecan is healing well and we are starting to see more of her personality. Arriving at a shelter as a homeless animal is scary, but arriving with horrible injuries that require round-the-clock care makes the experience even more terrifying. When she first arrived, she was timid and avoided eye contact, but with the proper medical care and lots of love from our compassionate animal care team, she is starting to come out of her shell. She is eager to go on walks even with one full-leg splint in tow.

Healing and Hope

Pecan is spending time at Charleston Animal Society until she has healed enough to be placed with one of our dedicated foster families. There she can regain confidence and trust in a comfortable and safe home environment.

We strive to give every sick, injured or neglected animal that comes through our doors their best chance at a life of love and compassion. Our expert veterinary team treats thousands of vulnerable animals each year, giving them hope for a healthy future. This treatment is costly and we wouldn’t be able to help these animals without the support of our community.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping animals like Pecan, please donate today. We also have several incredible animals that are searching for a loving home to call their own. Please consider opening your heart and home and adopting an animal.