Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

We urge you to always include your pet in your family’s emergency plans.

It’s important to remember that the Charleston area is at risk for many disasters – from hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes– to forest fires, hazardous materials emergencies, or coastal flooding. Any one of these disasters may force you to evacuate your home and the area, from a few hours to days or weeks.



The National Weather Service is predicting an “above normal” hurricane season, with 19 named storms that may include six storms, with three of them classified as “major” hurricanes. That’s why it is so important for you to prepare your emergency plan now — and not wait until a storm is looming.

  1. Include your pets and other animals, including your farm animals and livestock, in your emergency plans. CLICK HERE for our free Pet Evacuation Checklist.
  2. Build a separate emergency kit for your pets, including water, food and medications.
  3. Make sure and keep digital records and photos to identify your pet or animal after a disaster in case you become separated.
  4. Create a list of places that accepts pets if an emergency happens. These may not be the same as last year due to the coronavirus.
  5. Update you pet’s vaccinations and their microchips information now.  If they are not microchipped, please do this along with ensuring their collars have update I.D. tags.

Other Important Resources

South Carolina Emergency Management Divisiion

Charleston County Emergency Management Division

  • Make a Plan

    Prepare Now

    Don’t wait to make your plan. Always include your pets in your plan.

  • Know Where to Evacuate

    Map Your Evacuation Route Early

    Each area of Charleston County has clearly marked evacuation routes. Be sure to know which roads you will take in case of an emergency.

  • Rescue Alert Stickers

    Place on Home Window

    Rescue alert stickers save lives. They let people know that you have pets inside your home. Include your veterinarian and their phone number on the sticker.