Dezzi: Searching for a Home and Mourning a Loss

Dezzi is a 7-year-old cat whose human father unfortunately passed away. Normally, Dezzi would have gone to her father’s next of kin, but he did not have one. Dezzi had no place to go and no one to look after her. Their neighbor wanted to help sweet Dezzi, but he was not able to adopt her long term. He wanted to make sure that Dezzi found her way to a loving home that would give her the comfortable life she deserves, so he brought her to Charleston Animal Society.

Dezzi was examined by our veterinary team and they found she had an upper respiratory infection and needed dental care. She received antibiotics and some dental cleaning, but for her safety, she will need lose some weight before a full dental can be safely performed.

While in our care, Dezzi has also been a lifesaving hero for a kitten in need. A kitten arrived that was in desperate need of a blood transfusion and Dezzi happened to be the perfect candidate. She donated blood to the little kitten and saved his life!

Dezzi is looking for a mellow home where she can enjoy lots of cuddles and pets. She purrs as soon as you walk in the room and she can usually be found curled up in a cozy cat bed or stretched out on the floor for belly rubs. Although she would love snuggling on the couch all day long, she would greatly benefit from some playtime and reduced food intake to help manage her weight. Fortunately, she loves cat toys and she’ll happily play with her new family.

Dezzi is just one of several adult cats at Charleston Animal Society who are hoping each and every day someone will give them a home and family to love. Right now, we are offering fee-waived adoptions on all adult cats. 

Can you open your home and heart to a feline friend? Come to the shelter to meet our adoptable cats or view their bios on our adoptable pets page.