Billie Jean: Healing and Hopeful after Attack

When Billie Jean arrived at Charleston Animal Society, she was horribly injured and her odds of survival were slim. She was brought in by a good Samaritan who found her after she had likely been attacked from behind by a dog or other large animal. Billie Jean suffered a four-inch gash on her back and her tail was nearly ripped off. Our skillful veterinary team didn’t know if she would make it, but they saw so much hope in Billie Jean and went above and beyond to save her!

For a few weeks, Billie Jean underwent multiple surgeries, including a tail amputation. She had deep wounds that got infected and had to be carefully treated each day, but despite weeks of hardship, her spirits remained high. She would purr and nuzzle through bandage changes and was content to rest in anyone’s lap as she healed. Billie Jean even got to form a special bond with our Resource Manager as an Office Foster. This program allows pets in our care to rest and socialize with staff in our offices. It helps pets realize that people and new environments aren’t so scary, and it is just as rewarding for staff as it is for the animals.

Billie Jean is currently staying with a wonderful local foster family. Her wounds are healing quickly and she is soaking up all of the love and attention at her foster home. Check out an update on Billie Jean here. If you are interested in a feline friend with endless affection and all the purrs, keep an eye out for Billie Jean on our adoption page. She will be available for adoption as soon as she is fully recovered, which will be any day now! 

Our AHAA-accredited veterinary staff receives several cases like Billie Jean, and it is the support of our community that allows us to provide top-quality care and save lives. If you would like to help us save animals like Poppy, donate to Toby’s Fund, our medical fund that supports $500,000 in annual medical costs for injured or sick animals.