Stepping Up for Stella

Stella is a 4-year-old cat who was surrendered to Charleston Animal Society and needed a little extra help finding her way to a happy, healthy life. When she arrived, she suffered from a variety of different mental and physical ailments. 

Stella had severe anxiety, which she sometimes expressed through aggression. She was previously declawed, causing arthritis in her paws. She was also overweight, and she had cerebellar ataxia, an occasional head tremor, which was possibly due to an infection or brain tumor. But even with all of these obstacles in her path, Stella managed to strut through life like a healthy, playful cat. 

Help From the Experts

She was in the best hands with our incredible behavior and veterinary teams who could make sure all of her needs were met. With pain medication, anxiety medication and a specialized weight-loss diet, Stella was on the road to a healthy life. 

When cats, like Stella, express fearful behavior, we try to give them the space and comfort to open up at their own speed. It is extremely stressful for any pet arriving at the shelter, receiving care from strangers and leaving behind the life they know. But it is especially scary for animals who arrive with challenging medical conditions. Fortunately, Stella experienced nothing but love and care at Charleston Animal Society and over time, she warmed up to her caretakers. 

Finding Peace in a New Home 

Stella spent two months at the shelter, receiving treatment and searching the eyes of visitors for someone to call her family. She recently stole the heart of an individual looking for a new kitty friend, and she is settling in happily at her new home. 

This beautiful cat is living her best life in comfort because of the support we receive from our community. Donations to Toby’s Fund pay for veterinary care for animals like Stella who arrive injured or ill. Please consider being a lifeline to these animals in need by donating today.