Peony Pushes Through Multiple Medical Obstacles

Being lost and alone on the streets as a stray dog is scary, but being lost, alone, and injured is downright terrifying. Fortunately for one dog, a good Samaritan made a call for help. Charleston County Animal Control received a call for a brindle dog loose on the streets, and when they arrived, this sweet girl had a deep gash across the front of her neck from an embedded collar. She needed immediate attention.

Diagnosis and Determination

When she arrived, our veterinary team got to work, carefully removing her collar and cleaning and bandaging the wound. Honey and silver sulfadiazine cream were applied to keep the wound clean and keep the bandage in place. Her neck is healing quickly, but unfortunately, our veterinary team discovered other medical obstacles for this 6-year-old girl. 

While spaying her, veterinarians removed a lump on her right side that was suspected to be a cancerous mass. Biopsy results will help determine the best treatment for her, but there is no evidence of cancer spreading. She also tested positive for heartworm disease, causing inflammation in her lungs. Treatment for heartworm disease is a 3-month, multi-stage process with antibiotics and injections that treat infection and remove the heartworms. Dogs receiving treatment must remain in a calm environment because overexcitement or exercise can cause complications through the recovery process. 

Bravery through Obstacles

We’ve given her the name Peony, named after the flower, which is a symbol of bravery. Despite all of her obstacles, Peony has been exactly that – brave. She is trusting of her dedicated caretakers at the shelter and her longing eyes steal the hearts of everyone who meets her. 

Shortly after Peony arrived at the shelter, the woman who initially found her as a stray called in and asked to adopt her. Peony is now in a loving, safe home with the woman who saved her.

Generosity from our supporters makes it possible for us to provide top-quality medical care from a American Animal Hospital Association-accredited veterinary team. Peony, and thousands of other animals, are alive and well because of dedicated donors.