UPDATE: Three Stray Puppies Heal From Severe Burns

Update: 12.27.21

There wasn’t a dry eye to be found when Tinkle was reunited with her three puppies just a few days after Christmas.  The puppies and mama had to be separated last month when they were found with burns on their bodies including their paws. Their lifesaving treatment at Charleston Animal Society included recovery time with an incredible foster family. All of the puppies were adopted and Tinkle will be available soon!


North Charleston Animal Control recently found three tiny stray puppies with horribly burned feet and tails. It appeared as though they had been suffering with the burns for about a week before they were found.

The puppies were immediately seen by our expert veterinarians who determined the burns were likely from a caustic substance. At just 2 months old, these courageous little canines had already experienced such pain and trauma.

The three puppies are staying at Charleston Animal Society until they are ready to go to a foster home. In the meantime, their bandages are changed each day and they are given oral and topical antibiotics to protect them from infection.

Through every bandage change, this brave trio keeps their heads held high. Our staff carefully clean and treat each little paw with such care while the puppies enjoy a chewy bone with KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Cheese. With wagging tails and bright eyes every day, it seems these puppies know they are on the road to recovery.

We may never know what caused the burns on these puppies, but we are doing everything we can to ensure they have a future of safety, health and love. Once the puppies are old enough, they will be spayed / neutered and available for adoption.

Without Toby’s Medical Fund, we wouldn’t be able to provide the lifesaving care these puppies need. Donate to Toby’s Fund to save lives by providing medical treatment for ill and injured animals.