Prepare Now as Hurricane Isaias Draws Closer

Isaias may impact the South Carolina Coast on Monday.

The track of Hurricane Isaias has it skimming along the South Carolina Coast on Monday, but any change in conditions could allow for a direct impact. “We must all watch this storm closely through reliable news and weather services,” said Charleston Animal Society President & CEO Joe Elmore, CAWA. “We urge everyone to immediately prepare their emergency plan that includes their pets.”

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed

If an evacuation is called, remember that you are responsible for the safekeeping of your pets. Charleston Animal Society is unable to take-in personal animals during hurricane evacuations.

COVID-19 is complicating evacuations plans. If you’ve stayed with friends or relatives in the past, be sure you check with them to make sure it is still OK. Be sure to check the quarantine rules in any state you decide to evacuate to.

Here are five important tips to get you and your pet ready for hurricane season:

  1. Include your all animals in your emergency plans, pets and livestock.
  2. Build a separate emergency kit for your pets, including water, food and medications.
  3. Upload your pet’s photo at This FREE service provided by the Petco Foundation, uses facial recognition technology to locate your pet if it is lost.
  4. Make sure and keep digital medical / vaccination records and photos of your pets to identify your animals after a disaster in case you become separated.
  5. Create a list of places that accepts pets if an emergency happens. These may not be the same as last year due to the coronavirus.
  6. Update your pet’s vaccination and microchip information now. If they are not microchipped, please do this along with ensuring their collars have updated I.D. tags.

For more tips on preparing you and your pet, including a pet emergency checklist, visit: