Injured Dogs Adopted by One Amazing Family

When we met Willis, he was struggling with intense pain from a broken hip. The break was so bad that our medical team wondered if we’d have to amputate. Lulu needed help, too. She was severely overweight, blind, and suffering from other serious ailments.

These sweet dogs — and so many other animals — need the care that your kindness provides. They need a second chance at a life of love and happiness.

Enter amazing Charleston Animal Society supporters Cam and Kim Wills. This couple not only donates to our cause every chance they get, they also open their home to homeless animals. In this case, both Willis an Lulu found a new, loving home. “Lulu became a part of our family in March of 2020. We decided it was a perfect time to bring in a new pack member as we knew we were about to be quarantined at home due to the global pandemic,” Kim tells us.


When animals like Willis and Lulu are hurt, you can see it in their eyes. They feel unloved, and they’re afraid. With your help, animals don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Your gift can provide critical medical care to animals in crisis. Your generosity can save a life.