Young Kitten Needs a Leg Amputation

A couple weeks ago, a severely injured 3-month old kitten was brought to Charleston Animal Society by a Charleston Animal Control Officer. This scared kitten was dragging his hind left leg and had little use of his hind right leg. It was clear he was experiencing significant pain and stress.  

Our expert veterinary team immediately scheduled regular pain medication and ordered x-rays. Unfortunately, they discovered that this 2.5-pound kitten had displaced and separated joints as well as a fractured pelvis, which was causing him to lose function of his back left leg entirely. Due to the severity of this fracture, our veterinary team decided it would be best to amputate his leg. Dragging his leg could cause further complications and injury and keep him from being able to eat, play and use his litter box normally. 

Recovering with Staff

While he awaits his amputation surgery, he is spending time with one of our administrative staff members in her office. She has affectionately named him Ivar. When animals arrive with severe anxiety or fear, we often have them spend time as an “office foster”, which gives them an opportunity to socialize and build confidence in a quiet, safe environment. Sweet little Ivar is quite shy and since his mobility is limited, he often hides his face in blankets or his bed when he is scared. Our dedicated team is making sure he has everything he needs to feel comfortable in his new space. 

After his leg is amputated, Ivar will spend some time at the shelter healing until he is ready to go to a foster home or be adopted. Cats are extremely adaptive and can thrive with only three legs. We are hopeful that Ivar has a bright future as a healthy cat in a loving home.

How Can You Help?

We currently have multiple kittens awaiting leg amputations, on top of the hundreds of other medical needs the animals in our care require. Sick or injured animals are guaranteed top-quality veterinary care at Charleston Animal Society with our American Animal Hospital Association-accredited veterinary team. This incredible medical care is supported by Toby’s Fund. Help these vulnerable animals heal and recover by donating to Toby’s Fund today.