At Charleston Animal Society, we love to recognize acts of kindness!  This page is dedicated to highlighting students and children who have gone above and beyond to support the animals in our community.  Many thanks to everyone shared on this page for being true COMPASSION HEROES!

Ellie McClure

Each year for her birthday, Ellie chooses a charitable cause to raise money for, in lieu of receiving presents. This year, Ellie chose Charleston Animal Society as her benefactor! Thank you, Ellie, for your kindness and service-mindedness!

Sam Chavez

For the past 7 years, Sam has asked for donations for Charleston Animal Society for his birthday. With the help of family, friends, and neighbors, he has brought hauls of food, crates, carriers, beds, and more to the animals for 7 years in a row! Sam’s family are also the proud adopters of three CAS alum!

Elin & Evie Norris

These amazing entrepreneurs hosted a lemonade stand in their driveway to raise money for the animals! On top of lemonade, Elin and Evie also made homemade ice cream and snow cones to sell to make more money! Overall, they raised $325 for the animals!

Kids R Kids Mt. Pleasant

Led by Ms. Julia Binnarr, the students at Kids R Kids Mt. Pleasant had a school-wide donation collection for Charleston Animal Society! They collected tons of food, treats, small animal bedding, enrichment supplies, and more for the animals!

Annabelle, Lee, Hayden, & Hannah (not pictured)

These amazing kiddos hosted a lemonade stand in the heat of summer to raise funds for Charleston Animal Society! They had tons of customers, including some UPS drivers who really loved their lemonade! In total, they raised $153 for the animals!

Til Epps

Til is a very popular kid! This summer, he had over 70 guests show up to his birthday party! Til loves animals, so he requested that his party guests bring donations for Charleston Animal Society. Thanks to Til’s selflessness and his amazing birthday guests, he was able to bring lots of food, towels, toys, treats, and more to give to the animals!

Lily, Ella, Molly, & Riley

These summer campers were absolutely amazing! In addition to being so kind to our animals all week long, they also brought in a HUGE donation for us! These creative entrepreneurs made the cutest bracelets to sell, donating all of the proceeds to Charleston Animal Society! Their first donation exceeded $200, and they’ve said there will be even more to come! How amazing are these 4 young ladies?!

Reese Wojtalik

For her 9th birthday, Reese asked for donations for the shelter in lieu of gifts for herself. She says “I love animals and want to help them all!” On top of donating some money, Reese brought the animals 7 bags full of blankets, towels, toys, leashes, harnesses, and more!

Izzy Dirkes

Every week, Izzy goes on a bike ride with her neighbor to hand out treats to dogs. For her birthday this year, she said she wanted to get treats for all the dogs who don’t have any. So, she brought lots of goodies for the dogs at Charleston Animal Society! What a true animal lover and compassion hero!

Hannah Davis

Hannah created a bunch of rainbow loom bracelets, and decided to sell them in her driveway. She donated all of her profits from selling her jewelry to Charleston Animal Society! Her mom says she is so excited that she can be a part of helping animals.

Braden & Tristan Kelley

Brothers Braden and Tristan hosted a lemonade stand in their neighborhood and raised $60 that they decided to donate to Charleston Animal Society! Even cooler, when they stopped by to drop off their donation, they ended up convincing their mom to adopt 2 kittens to add to their family!


A gifted and creative artist, Angelique creates beautiful pieces of jewelry that she sells to friends and neighbors. Her pieces are quite popular with local teens! Because she loves animals, she decided to donate a portion of her proceeds to Charleston Animal Society.

Olivia Ward

Olivia has been coming to camps at Charleston Animal Society for many years, and is a true animal lover and compassion hero! For her birthday party this year, she set up stations for her and her friends to make rice socks and dog toys. In addition to that, she also asked for donations for the animals for her birthday, and ended up collecting over $300 in cash and 2 bins full of food, treats, and toys for the shelter! She had so much fun that she’s already planning her next enrichment party!

Hyer Street Kids

This amazing group of neighbors from Mount Pleasant all worked together to host a sale to benefit Charleston Animal Society and the Bardet Biedl Syndrome Foundation! The donations to BBS are in honor of their 3 year old neighbor who was recently diagnosed with the condition, and the funds to CAS are in honor of their mutual love for animals! After 2 days of selling snacks, candy, drinks, and art, these young entrepreneurs raised over $600! To read more about their efforts, visit

Mia & Maeve Magner

As a huge animal lover, the Magner family decided to do something special for the animals for Mia’s 10th birthday!  Instead of asking for gifts for herself, Mia asked her friends to bring in things that they could donate to Charleston Animal Society.  She then made a trip to the shelter to bring in dog and cat food, toys, pet beds, and more to give to the animals!

Primrose School of Mount Pleasant

For the month of February, Primrose School of Mount Pleasant celebrated “Food for Precious Pets.” They placed buckets outside of each classroom for students to donate food, toys, treats, and more. Additionally, the Explorer students made homemade dog treats to sell in a bake sale at the end of the month. In addition to all their donations, they raised $100 through their bake sale!

Josephine & Lydia Bruce

These sweet sisters decided to host a lemonade stand to benefit Charleston Animal Society and raised $50 for the animals! Adoptable dog Applesauce was so excited to meet them when they stopped by to drop off their donation!

Wando High School

For the 14th year in a row, Wando High School’s Key Club led a schoolwide donation drive to collect supplies for Charleston Animal Society.  Titled “Tons of Love,” their donation drive lasted through the month of February and brought in tons of donations for the animals!

Cameron & William Groves

As they are only 7 years old, Cameron and William’s mom expected some reluctance when she suggested that maybe the boys collect donations for their birthday instead of gifts.  To her surprise, they were very much on board and were inspired by the season of Lent and giving back!  All of their friends were also super excited about the concept, and together they all collected lots of supplies to help the animals, with some of them even sending cards to the animals with their donations.

Noah Gaskins

For his 7th birthday, Noah asked for treats for dogs and cats instead of presents for himself so that he could donate the items to Charleston Animal Society.  He then wanted to stop by the shelter to drop the items off and learn more about the shelter and ways to help!

Mason, Nick, Blake, & Caleb

These amazing compassion heroes hosted a lemonade stand on Isle of Palms and raised $150!  They visited the shelter to donate their profits and got to meet adorable adoptable dog Toby!

Blake, Emmy, Carson, & Garrett

These amazing kiddos hosted a lemonade stand to raise money and supplies for the animals!  On top of all of the amazing treats and toys they donated, they also raised nearly $300 to help Charleston Animal Society!

Madeline Stowers

Madeline is quite the entrepreneur!  She hosted a sale in her neighborhood selling lemonade, toys, and books to raise money for the animals!  This kind kid made over $50 to donate to the animals!

Izzy & Cypher Dirkes

These amazing kiddos absolutely love animals!  Izzy led a neighborhood lemonade and cookie stand to raise money for the animals.  In addition to monetary donations, they also brought toys and treats for the animals as well!

Quilleu Townsend

This amazingly kind kid decided to host a lemonade stand to help the animals! Quilleu raised over $110 for Charleston Animal Society! How amazing is that?!

Zoe Bulcock

This amazing girl created her own handmade earrings and sold them, along with lemonade, in her neighborhood!  Between the beautiful jewelry and refreshing drinks on a hot day, Zoe raised over $150 for the animals!

Morgan Garrison

Check out the amazing business card photo’d to the left!  Not only does Morgan occasionally make toys and treats to donate to the animals just because she loves them, but she also runs her own pet sitting business!  She has multiple clients and decided to donate a portion of the money she made through pet sitting to Charleston Animal Society!

Ulric Valdivieso

For the second year in a row, Ulric has collected donations for the shelter in lieu of presents for himself to celebrate his birthday.  This year, he made his first trip to see the shelter and meet some animals.  This 4 year old is already doing BIG things to help homeless animals and we couldn’t be more impressed!

Lucy Helscher

We love Lucy!  This sweet girl hosted a lemonade stand in her neighborhood, and passed out napkins with positive affirmations and cookies with her lemonade.  When her mom asked what she wanted to do with her profits, she was adamant that she wanted to donate a portion of the money to the animals!  We just love these stories of selfless kiddos!

Ryan & Emily Makuta

These amazing siblings (ages 6 & 4) raised $210 from hosting a lemonade stand!  How amazing is that?!

Brinley, Eleanor, & Josephine

Not only did these awesome young ladies host a lemonade stand in their neighborhood, but they also made bracelets to sell to raise money for the animals!  We’ve got some talented future entrepreneurs on our hands!

Nola Glassberg

For her 11th birthday, Nola requested donations for the animals!  She collected a bunch of money, toys, treats, and food to donate to Charleston Animal Society!

Hendrix Kreitzer

After coming to summer camp for the first time this year, Hendrix decided that he wanted to collect donations for the animals for his 6th birthday!  Our staff was so happy to see him again and our animals are even happier for all the amazing toys, treats, and bedding he brought for them!

Elliott DiNunzio

For the second year in a row, Elliott visited Charleston Animal Society for an exclusive birthday visit!  Prior to her visit, she had a birthday party and asked for gifts for the animals, and her friends and family delivered!  Elliott brought bags full of supplies in addition to multiple monetary donations.  Happy 6th birthday, Elliott, and thanks for being a compassion hero!!!

Eleanor Gillespie (left)

For Eleanor’s 6th birthday, she asked for money to donate to Charleston Animal Society!  This kind kiddo LOVES animals and was so excited to be able to visit the shelter with her friend to drop off her donations!

Lillian & Emi Natale

These amazing girls truly love the animals!  They made their very own handmade bracelets and sold them at a local concert, donating all of the proceeds to Charleston Animal Society.  On top of that, they also decided to use their creative skills to make toys for our cats and dogs to enjoy as well!

Brynn & Oliver Wright

After receiving money for Christmas, Brynn and Oliver decided they wanted to put that money to a good cause!  Instead of spending the money on items for themselves, they decided to purchase toys and treats for the dogs and cats at the shelter!

Madison Gill

For the third year in a row, Madison chose to spend her birthday at Charleston Animal Society!  As she has done previously, once again this year Madison asked for donations for the animals in lieu of gifts for herself.  On top of getting a bunch of food and treats, Madison also collected over $160 for the animals!  We are so inspired by Madison and her continual selflessness and dedication to helping the animals!

Connor Hunt

Connor celebrated his 9th birthday at Charleston Animal Society!  On top of having his party at the shelter, Connor also requested that his guests make donations to the shelter in lieu of gifts for himself.  Happy birthday, Connor, and thank you for being a compassion hero!