At Charleston Animal Society, we love to recognize acts of kindness!  This page is dedicated to highlighting students and children who have gone above and beyond to support the animals in our community.  Many thanks to everyone shared on this page for being true COMPASSION HEROES!

Brownie Troop 3321

This wonderful group of girl scouts made it their mission to help Charleston Animal Society!  On top of making blankets and toys for the animals, they also donated multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies to our staff, and wrote us a check for $1000!  These girls also participated in our Paw Patch Program to get a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility to see the direct impact of their amazing donations.

Isabelle and Delaney

These sweet Pet Buddies students from Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School went around their neighborhood singing and performing “Cups” to earn money to donate to Charleston Animal Society.

James Hazelwood

Not only did James ask for supplies for his birthday to benefit the animals, he also started a Facebook fundraiser for Charleston Animal Society with a goal of $200.  He overwhelmingly exceeded his goal, raising $335 for the animals!

Joseph Kursh

For his 7th birthday, Joseph asked for monetary donations to Charleston Animal Society.  With the approximately $100 he raised, Joseph went on a shopping trip to Petco to pick out some of our most needed items for the animals.  Joseph then joined us for a birthday party at the shelter!

Charles Pinckney Elementary School  

In their spring 2021 school-wide donation drive, Charles Pinckney Elementary students collected 9 large boxes full of toys, treats, wet food, dry food, newspaper, bedding, and more!

Lilah Gonzalez

Lilah hosted a lemonade stand with the hopes of donating her profits to Charleston Animal Society.  She ended up raising more than $300 for the animals!  When asked if she was okay with her photo being shared, Lilah’s mom said that Lilah hopes others will see her photo and be inspired to help the animals as well!

Genevieve Sturdy

Genevieve spent her summer doing odd jobs around her neighborhood, including making “I helped save an animal” keychains and petsitting dogs, cats, and guinea pigs for her neighbors.  Genevieve donated all of the money she earned ($200) for her hard work to the animals at Charleston Animal Society!

Luke Fischer

For his 7th birthday, Luke collected donations for Charleston Animal Society.  He filled an entire shopping cart with food for our puppies and kitties!  This is not the first time he’s done this either!  He did a collection for his 6th birthday too, and another one this past February.

Stella & Alice

Stella and Alice, ages 8 and 6, are wonderful examples of the kids we love to spotlight!  They organized a lemonade stand and spent hours asking for donations from their generous neighbors.  We are happy to report that they enjoyed the experience and their efforts paid off!

Nora Lambert

In June, Nora celebrated her 7th birthday at the shelter.  A week later, her family came back and adopted a dog (“Minnie”)!  Ever since then, Nora and her family have been coming back to the shelter each month, bringing donations, visiting the animals, and passing out treats to all the dogs to celebrate Minnie’s “adopt-a-versary.”  Nora has even made items herself, including rice socks, fleece blankets, and a cat puzzle feeder.

Zachary & Nicholas Fiorini

Brothers Zachary and Nicholas did a bunch of chores to earn their allowance.  Instead of keeping the money for themselves, they decided to donate all of the money they earned to the animals!

Benjamin Gandy

In place of gifts for himself, Benjamin decided to collect donations for the shelter for his birthday this year.  He enjoyed doing it so much that he plans to do it again for Christmas!  Benjamin has a special love for Charleston Animal Society thanks to his dog Lulu, whom his family adopted from CAS 3 years ago.

Ruby McGinnis

For her 7th birthday, Ruby asked for donations for the animals in lieu of gifts for herself!  She recently visited the shelter with her sister Minnie to give some extra love and attention to all of our animals.  The dogs are going to love all the new toys and peanut butter!

Savannah & Claire

These girls are true compassion heroes!  Savannah and Claire organized a lemonade and cookie sale in their neighborhood to raise money for the animals!  In addition to their $80 in profits, they also donated a bunch of cat food when they visited the shelter!

Luna Mahler

After losing her beloved Corgi, Donut, this past year, Luna knew she wanted to do something special for the animals at the shelter this year.  In her own words, “I wanted to donate all these things because I know there are animals out there that might not have toys or warm blankets, and these are soft and warm. And the treats so hopefully they can try new treats and see which ones they might like.”  In honor of Donut, Luna and her brother Lincoln stopped by the shelter to drop off lots of toys and treats for the animals.

Sophie Berman

Instead of Christmas gifts for herself this year, 10 year old Sophie asked for donations to the shelter!  She brought us lots of office supplies, toys, and food that made our staff and animals very happy during the holiday season!

O’Quinn Preschool

For the 5th year in a row, 4K teacher Ms. Stone organized a holiday donation drive for her classroom at O’Quinn Preschool!  This small group of students collected an entire car full of donations to bring to the animals at the shelter!

The Oaks Academy Wise Owls Pre-K Classroom

Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Amna’s Pre-K classroom did a donation drive at school to collect items for the animals at Charleston Animal Society!  They brought us lots of supplies like treats, toys, blankets, food, and more!

Laurel, Brooke, Nina, & Cam

These 6th grade Cario Middle School students were so inspired by their Charleston Animal Society virtual field trip that they decided to make items for the animals!  Their service project donations included peanut butter cookie sandwiches, pumpkin and oat balls, rice socks, cat wands, braided dog toys, and no-sew blankets!

Madison Gill

For her 12th birthday, Madison chose to celebrate her special day at Charleston Animal Society!  Visiting for one of our birthday packages already does a lot to help the animals, but Madison went above and beyond by collecting tons of items for the animals to bring with her when she visited!  What a truly selfless and kind kid!

Ethan Stone

For his 10th birthday, Ethan decided to give back to the animals!  On top of donating some of his birthday money, he also did a bunch of chores for extended family members to raise money to give to the shelter.  In total, he donated $87 to help the animals!

Dylan Biggs

In lieu of birthday gifts for herself, Dylan decided to collect supplies for the animals! She brought in food, treats, toys, beds, scratching posts, and more!

Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School

Year after year, ARCAE has been a huge supporter of Charleston Animal Society! This year, during their “My Furry Valentine” donation drive, they collected an entire van full of supplies in addition to raising over $600 for the animals! For their efforts, we were proud to give ARCAE our 2022 Animal Champion Award!

Ruthie Kelsey

Ruthie is a true compassion hero and a young entrepreneur! She and her friend own their very own business making jewelry, stickers, and cards. For her 8th grade school project, Ruthie decided to make her own exclusive items for their shop, with all proceeds for those items benefiting Charleston Animal Society. In total, she raised over $400 for the animals! In the photo, she poses with a CAS education ambassador bunny, also named Ruthie!

Mark Young

For his 5th birthday, Mark selflessly wanted to help the animals by collecting donations for Charleston Animal Society! In total, he raised $275 in addition to bringing in a bunch of supplies for the animals as well!

Adalyn Marchione & Kylie Holzer

These sweet girls hosted a lemonade stand to help raise money for Charleston Animal Society!  With their delicious lemonade, they were able to earn $60 for the animals!

Wando High School

Spear-headed by the school’s Key Club, Wando’s school-wide “Tons of Love” donation drive resulted in an entire van full of supplies for the animals! Wando has been doing this initiative for the past 13 years, and looks forward to doing it again in 2023!

Sundrops Montessori

These cuties did a school donation drive to collect supplies for the animals! Some of the students even got the opportunity to stop by the shelter to drop off their many boxes of items and to meet a dog!

Ellie Beagle

For her 6th birthday, Ellie asked for gifts for the shelter animals instead of presents for herself. What a compassion hero! When she stopped by to drop off the tons of donations she collected, she got a puppy snuggle surprise as a thank you!

Genevieve Sturdy & Catherine Podris

Through multiple methods including pet sitting, babysitting, and doing a craft fundraiser, these amazing girls raised $309.59 for the animals! This is Genevieve’s second time making a huge donation to Charleston Animal Society, and we could not be more thankful for her entrepreneurship and dedication to the animals!

Landon Davies

For his 9th birthday, Landon wanted to celebrate with the animals! In addition to participating in our birthday shelter visit, Landon also asked for supplies for the animals in lieu of gifts for himself, so he was able to bring a bunch of donations with him when he visited! What a truly kind kid!

Alexis Nickerson

Humane Heroes and Animal Advocates graduate and frequent camp participant, Alexis is a true compassion hero! Beyond her constant support of us through attending programs at the shelter, she decided to raise funds for the animals on her own time too! Through a neighborhood sale of drinks, snacks, and stuffed animals, she raised over $220 to donate to Charleston Animal Society!

Hursey Montessori School

Ms. Brock’s Primary (3k-5k) class at Hursey Montessori made rice socks for our neonatal kittens and surgery patients!  As part of their curriculum, Hursey Montessori emphasizes peace, and they decided to practice this beyond the classroom by doing acts of kindness for the month of May.  We are so thankful to be the recipient of some of these kind acts!

Caroline Dantzler, Maggie Grinner, & Sydnee Echols (not pictured)

Through their participation in the Hanahan Beta Club, Caroline, Maggie, and Sydnee made their own sweet treats and then hosted a bake sale at school.  They donated all of the profits- over $230!- to Charleston Animal Society!  In addition to all of the funds they raised, the girls also donated supplies as well.  How amazing!

Belle Hall Elementary Girls on the Run

As part of their community impact project, the Girls on the Run team at Belle Hall Elementary collected supplies to donate to Charleston Animal Society! Pictured is team member Cora Wilson, a regular participant in CAS education programs.

Charlotte Hamlett

Charlotte is a true compassion hero! Inspired by blessing boxes she saw around town, she decided to create her own! Charlotte’s blessing box was dedicated to animals and collecting supplies to donate to help the animals at Charleston Animal Society.

Kennedy Maner

Kennedy and her mom started an ABC book of mommy and me activities that they could do together.  For the letter “D,” they chose to donate!  Charleston Animal Society was so fortunate and thankful to be the recipient of their donation!