Hank Heals After Zip Tie is Removed From Paw

Last week, a young cat was brought in by Charleston Animal Control with a zip tie bound tightly around his front leg. It’s unclear how long the zip tie had been squeezing his leg, but his foot was tender and swollen to twice its normal size. This possible cruelty situation put this otherwise healthy cat at risk of serious, permanent injury if the zip tie wasn’t removed carefully and quickly.

Helping Hank Heal

Our American Animal Hospital Association-accredited veterinary team took great care to remove the zip tie from his aching foot. His foot was sensitive and painful, which was heart-breaking for this young feline, but it was also a good sign that there was not serious nerve damage to his leg or foot. Even through his agony, this one-year-old cat was nothing but affectionate to our animal care staff. Through bandage changes, antibiotics, pain medication and check-ups, he purred and nuzzled his caretakers. Shelter staff have enjoyed his loving company and have given him the name Hank.

Hank is soaking up all the attention from our compassionate team while his paw heals. He is recovering quickly and eager to start a new journey with a loving family in a safe, comfortable home. As soon as he is ready, Hank will be available for adoption. Keep an eye on our adoptable pets webpage at CharlestonAnimalSociety.org/Adopt, or visit the shelter to see if Hank or any other wonderful animals could be your furry companion.

How Can You Help?

Our supportive community makes it possible for us to provide top-quality care for vulnerable animals that desperately need our help. Help provide medical care for sick or injured animals like Hank by donating to our medical fund, Toby’s Fund.

We have nearly 900 animals in our system of care right now. If you are able to open your heart and home to an animal, please adopt today. If you are unable to adopt at this time, please consider offering an animal care and comfort temporarily fostering.