Emergency Call for Kitten Fosters.

You provide the love, we provide the resources. Please come to the shelter if you can foster kittens today!

Today, we have nearly 900 animals in our system of care. A majority of these animals are young kittens that desperately need to be cared for in a foster home. We are overwhelmed by the number of animals currently in our care and more arrive each day in need of help. If you can open your heart and home, even just for a short time, to one or more of these kittens, please come in to Charleston Animal Society.

What do I need to do as a kitten foster?

As a foster parent, everything you need is provided by Charleston Animal Society. Every person who takes home a kitten to foster will leave with the following resources:

  • Carrier
  • Food (Soft, Hard or Formula)
  • Litter Pan
  • Litter
  • Cat bed
  • Cat Toy
  • Foster Care Guide Book
  • Any other specialty care items

Care for your foster kitten(s) will depend on their age and developmental stage. When you pick up your foster kitten(s), our Foster Team will walk you through how to properly care for your kittens. They will explain proper feeding, kitten behavior, ideal living space, veterinary checks, kitten safety, cleaning and socialization.

Foster Care Help

The Foster Care Guide is a detailed and easy-to-use packet of information and it walks you through every step of the kitten fostering process. Most foster questions will be answered in this guide, but there is also a 24-hour emergency care phone line for fosters to call if you need help quickly.

Perks of Kitten Fostering

Fostering kittens is a memorable, life-saving adventure. It is a rewarding process that saves thousands of lives in our community each year. Not only will you receive endless cuddles and play time during this experience, you will get to watch these kittens grow and learn and prepare them to be adopted. Young kittens are the most at-risk population in our shelter, and when you help us care for them, you are a lifesaving superhero!


Can’t foster, but still want to help? Purchase items from our Foster Wish List on Amazon and they will be shipped directly to the shelter.