Doing What’s Right for Your Pet, Even When it’s Hard

Sometimes when our lives are turned upside down, we have to step back and think, “What can I do to make this situation better for my family including the ones with four legs?” That’s what a North Charleston family had to ask themselves when they suffered a terrible loss, the death of their father. The family was grieving, overwhelmed and they were desperate for help. They had 10 dogs and puppies in their home and were unable to care for them. Luckily, Officer Monroe with the North Charleston Police Department and Charleston Animal Society were there to help. 

Several of the adult dogs were positive for the deadly disease heartworm, a common parasite that can be prevented with simple monthly medication. Unfortunately, the family was not in a position to treat and care for all ten dogs. After much soul searching, they realized that surrendering eight of the 10 dogs was the best option for everyone.

This family made the difficult, but responsible decision to seek our help when they felt overwhelmed. We have a variety of online resources that can help pet owners with behavioral, medical or lifestyle challenges. If you have pet questions or need assistance call 843-329-1554 or email [email protected].We wouldn’t be able to provide these resources without the support of our community! Want to be a part of this incredible impact? Donate today.