Determined Daisy: Healing After Being Hit By a Car

Daisy arrived at Charleston Animal Society last week after being hit by a car and suffering several severe injuries. Her jaw was badly broken, her hip was dislocated and she had bruising on her lungs. She has already undergone multiple surgeries, including plates and screws in the top and bottom of her jaw. 

This horrific healing process has not tampered her spirits, though. Sweet Daisy is pleased to be around people and always has a wagging tail. Her healing journey will take time, patience and continued medical care, but she is lucky to be with a wonderful local foster family. Daisy requires daily care for her jaw and hip as well as careful hand feedings through a feeding tube several times per day until her jaw heals.

Multiple surgeries and care for Daisy is costly and time consuming, but we are dedicated to her care and hopeful for her bright future ahead. Help Daisy heal by donating to Toby’s Fund, our medical fund that supports veterinary care for thousands of sick and injured animals every year.