Local Design House Shares the Love with Shelter Dogs

Thursday, June 23, 2022 | Downtown Charleston, SC

Welcome to  of #CHSWalksTheDog, a blog series that brings together notable Charlestonians and Businesses, with shelter dogs in need, in iconic Lowcountry locations thanks to the talents of volunteer photographer, Heather Moran (follow her on Instagram @heathermoran).

Nothing brings together a home like a well-made chair; of course the same can be said about a well-loved dogs.

This week, we stopped by the Charleston Fab Lab to take a look at their awesome facilities and to give shelter dogs, Gustus (chocolate lab-mix), Tonya (beagle hound-mix), and Tyson (staffie pit-mix), some time outside of the shelter.

The guys behind the Fab Lab, a local design and development house that specializes in crafting unique pieces of furniture and hardware, are all devoted animal lovers. They keep a shop dog by their side at all times and even have two shop goats, who have been relegated to the yard due to their penchant for standing on equipment inside the shop.

The team spent time individually playing and walking with each of the dogs. Gustus is an absolute extrovert, known for his around-the-waist hugs and sloppy puppy kisses. The guys were happy to share the love. Tonya, who typically more timid in the shelter, quickly showed a different side of her personality as she walked along the yard, sniffing all the interesting scents and wagging her tail as the guys gently scratched her behind the ear. Tyson, fell in love with all of the attention he was getting and even go the chance to splash around in his very own swimming pool.

By the time the session was ready to wrap-up, Tonya and Gustus were both cozied up to the team as they sat in their custom-made KOVE patio chairs, produced right here at the Charleston Fab Lab.

Thank you to the Charleston Fab Lab for giving our dogs a chance to get a taste of what life outside of the shelter feels like as they get ready to find homes of their own. Be sure to check out their website and work at CharlestonFabLab.com.

If you would like to take a dog out of the shelter for a day, go to CharlestonAnimalSociety.org/foster/ to sign up for our Paws Around Town Program.

If you are a Charlestonian influencer or business who would like to take part in a future edition of #CHSWalksTheDog, please email [email protected] today!

Shelter life can be stressful for dogs – especially older dogs who might not have ever been away from what they knew as their home.  “Walkabouts” or day trips out of the shelter can provide long-time residents a break from being in a kennel, allowing them time to decompress and to be stimulated with the sights and sounds of normal life. We also hope that showcasing our longest residents in a different light – outside the shelter walls – might allow a potential adopter to become interested in them when a family sees more normal canine behaviors exhibited on a calm leash walk through the city.