Homemade Dog Treats 2

Homemade Dog Treats 1

Training Tip: Engage, Disengage

Engage, Disengage is an easy game and training technique to help dogs and owners struggling with reactivity issues.

Cat Puzzle

Learn how to build a puzzle box that will give your cat hours of mental stimulation and lots of fun!

DIY Treat Balls

Learn how to make an easy enrichment activity for your small dog, cat, or other pet!

Dog Safety & Body Language

Join Mr. Stanley, C.C. the dog trainer, and Enzo the dog, as we discuss the 5 tools you can use to ensure safe interactions with dogs!

An Introduction to Enrichment

Enrichment is another way of saying “mental stimulation.” Find out why it’s so important for pets!

Training Tip: Teaching Your Pet the Touch Game

Want your dog or cat to learn a new trick? Have fun teaching “touch” in minutes!