Animal Heroes: Home For A Husky

Two weeks ago, a friend of the shelter contacted the Animal Society after finding a 6-month-old female husky wandering alone in an upstate state park. Sweet Siri showed clear signs of dehydration and was covered in dirt at the time.

Clear the Shelters

Charleston Animal Society has joined NBCUniversal Local’s 2022 Clear The Shelters pet adoption and donation Aug. 1 to 31. Since its inception in 2015, Clear The Shelters has helped more than 700,000 pets find new homes. 

#CHSWalksTheDog: Treat Lady

Since 1999, the Trammell’s have called the Old Village home. True to its name, the Old Village is a time capsule to a bygone era where neighbors aren’t strangers and it’s normal to stop and chat on the corner for a while. Since retiring, the two have become fixtures of their community simply by doing what they love.

2022 Rescue Brew Beer Pet Star Search Underway

The Third Annual Rescue Brew Beer Spokesdog and Spokescat star search gets underway tomorrow, July 15, 2022!  Winners will appear on the labels of the “2022 Rescue Brew Beer” from Palmetto Brewing Company.  Pet owners are being asked to submit a photo of their favorite dogs and cats at  and tell us why their pet deserves to win.  Nominations are open July 15, 2022 until August 14, 2022.  A $10 entry donation with each nomination supports the lifesaving programs of Charleston Animal Society.

#CHSWalksTheDog: Coach Quenten Miller from Liberation Wellness Group

With so much focus on the benefits of being active and outdoors for humans, it’s easy to forget the real need shelter dogs have for time to socialize and stretch their legs outdoors. Shelter life can be stressful for dogs – especially older dogs who might not have ever been away from what they knew as their home. Day trips out of the shelter can provide long-time residents a break from being in a kennel, allowing them time to decompress and to be stimulated with the sights and sounds of normal life.

31 Days to End Cruelty

For the 31 days of July, Shelly Leeke Law Firm, along with Paige and Tommy Hall, Marge Lawson and Jimmy Baldrick, and an anonymous Friend of Animals, have agreed to MATCH all donations to Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund – dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 — to help end animal cruelty across South Carolina.



#CHSWALKSTHEDOG: Charleston Fab Lab

This week, we stopped by the Charleston Fab Lab to take a look at their awesome facilities and to give shelter dogs, Gustus (chocolate lab-mix), Tonya (beagle hound-mix), and Tyson (staffie pit-mix), some time outside of the shelter.

#CHSWalksTheDog: Ed Macy Tours

Welcome to the first edition of #CHSWalksTheDog, a blog series that brings together notable Charlestonians, with shelter dogs in need, in iconic Lowcountry locations thanks to the talents of volunteer photographer, Heather Moran!

Charleston Animal Society Issues Heat-Stress Alert

Charleston Animal Society is issuing a heat alert for all companion and working animals.  This week the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Lowcountry, due to temperatures climbing into the 90s. According to the University of Kentucky, heat stress will be at the DANGER or EMERGENCY level during daytime hours throughout this week.