All Together Now: Building a Community of Kindness (Assembly)

They always say it takes a village! Join us in our interactive outreach program to find out how YOU fit into our “community of kindness!” Participants will learn about all the puzzle pieces it takes to support animals in our community and operate an animal shelter. Become immersed as your students step into the shoes of animal control officers, foster families, veterinarians, and more! Audience members will have the opportunity to discover how everyone plays an integral part in saving the lives of countless animals, and, of course, meet one of Charleston Animal Society’s ambassadogs!


  • Length: 1 hour
  • Cost: $150*
  • Ages: 5 and up

Please fill out the form below to request a program. An education team member will be in touch shortly to assist you with scheduling.

*Additional mileage fees may apply:

  • 0-30 miles: Free
  • 31-45 miles: $20
  • 45-60 miles: $30
  • 61-75 miles: $40
  • 76-90 miles: $50
  • Over 90 miles: $0.66  per mile