Ross is Out Exploring Again Thanks to You!

Ross was one of the original feral cat inhabitants of our Bear Greer Cat Sanctuary when it was founded, but recently our caretakers noticed Ross wasn’t roaming the grounds like he usually did.

Feral cats are usually scared of humans, so getting them treatment can be difficult. But our staff at the Bear Greer Cat Sanctuary act as “cat whisperers” and have built up trust with many of the felines, so they can be helped when necessary.

Soon, Ross’s problem was diagnosed: painful blisters had developed on two of his paw pads that made it almost impossible for him to get around.

Several treatments failed — but finally, our lifesaving team of veterinarians was able to perform a surgery that eliminated the blisters, leaving Ross free to explore the sanctuary as he has for years.

Each year, Charleston Animal Society spends more than $500,000 to treat animals like Ross. You can become a monthly donor by going to our Guardians page.

Ross the Cat

Paw Pads Before

Paw Pads After