Two-Pound Kitten is a Fighter!

Peppermint the kitten came to Charleston Animal Society as an injured stray.  He went to the emergency vet first and was treated for an injury on his elbow.
Once he was transferred to Charleston Animal Society, our vets noticed Peppermint also had some abnormalities in his lower abdomen that made us think he might have an abdominal wall hernia.
Our vets explored his abdomen surgically and discovered that he did have an extremely large hernia that stretched from just under his ribcage on either side, all the way down to the top of his pelvis.
The entire bottom half of his abdominal muscle was completely separated from its attachment, allowing all his stomach contents to escape and sit just under the skin. This problem required extensive surgical repair.
Thanks to your support of our medical fund, we were able to save Peppermint.
This was major surgery for a tiny kitten that weighed less than two pounds.  It took about a week before he was up and moving well because both his abdomen and his leg were pretty painful and damaged.
After his initial recovery, one of our awesome foster families took Peppermint in for his rehab.
And thanks to you and your support of Toby’s Fund, Peppermint’s abdomen was healed and he is now using his leg. We couldn’t save lives like Peppermint’s without you.