Showcase your support for the No Kill South Carolina 2024 Initiative wherever you go with a limited edition NKSC license plates. When the License Plates were first debuted at the 2021 Applause for Paws Gala, they raised over $20,000! Now you can claim your own slice of animal welfare history and commemorate our goal of making South Carolina the first No Kill State in the southern United States for just $500. Email [email protected] for more ways your donation can touch the lives of animals in need.

Didn’t See the Number You Wanted?

Email [email protected] to for more options!

NKSC2024 Specialty Plates are available for residents of South Carolina only. Your donation for the NKSC2024 Specialty Plate to Charleston Animal Society reserves your special number.  Applicable taxes and fees for the plate are paid separately to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles by the vehicle owner, therefore your donation to Charleston Animal Society may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details. 

No Kill License Plate #19

Did you know the world record for most kittens born to one litter is 19?? That must’ve been one strong Mama Cat!

No Kill License Plate #20

How many dog kennels will you find in our adoption room? 20! Purchase this plate to carry around a reminder of the same dogs who make our organization so special!

No Kill License Plate #30

How many Christmas Trees are sold in the US each year? If you guessed 30 million, you’d be correct! Celebrate this holiday season, and give the gift of life with No Kill License Plate #30!

No Kill License Plate #56

Our Sam Greer Spay & Neuter Clinic stays busy! Last month we averaged over 56 spay/neuter surgeries a day.

No Kill License Plate #70

Who is coming to town?? SANTA CLAUS!! In 1970 the classic holiday movie, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” was released by Rankin/Bass productions!

Didn’t See the Number You Wanted?

Email [email protected] to for more options!