Kitten’s Leg is Amputated After She is Found Stuck in a Wheel Well

At just one month old, a tiny calico kitten arrived at Charleston Animal Society with an excruciating injury. She was found with her front left paw lodged in a wheel well in a car on Wadmalaw Island. At such a young age and weighing only one pound, our expert veterinary team wasn’t sure if she would make it.

Her bones had been crushed and her skin was raw, causing irreversible nerve damage. After carefully cleaning and examining her wounds, our veterinarians concluded the damage to her leg was too extensive. She would require an amputation to have the best possible chance at a healthy, comfortable life.

Now, one week after her front leg was amputated, this brave little lady is feeling worlds better. She is being treated with bandage changes, pain medication and special formula to help her recover and heal quickly. Having one less leg is not holding her back from anything. She is learning how to eat, play and cuddle just like every other kitten in a wonderful foster home. She even has 3 terrific role model feline siblings in her foster home, all of whom also have amputated legs.

Arriving at a shelter as a homeless animal is scary, but arriving ill or injured makes this experience even more terrifying. At Charleston Animal Society, Toby’s Medical Fund financially supports top-notch medical care from our American Animal Hospital Association-Accredited veterinary team.

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