King Tut the Cat Recovers After a Leg Amputation

King Tut was found wandering the streets with a deep laceration on his leg. His bone was exposed and the tissue around the wound was dying, causing severe infection and pain. Our veterinary team assessed his injury and did all they could to try and treat this deep cut. After a few days of treatment, he continued to decline. He was sick and struggling and his leg could not fully extend. Unfortunately, the tissue and bone were in such bad shape that they ultimately had to amputate the leg in order to save King Tut’s life. 

At only 7 months old, King Tut is recovering well from treatment and surgery! He spent a few days healing in a loving local foster home before returning for a check-up at our shelter. Our veterinary team is very optimistic about his recovery and adjustment to the three-legged life. Cats and dogs are incredibly resilient and tend to adapt quickly when one leg is no longer functional. We are confident King Tut will be able to thrive just like any four-legged cat.

King Tut will be available for adoption any day, so keep an eye on our Adoptable Pets page if you are interested in adopting him! We also have tons of other wonderful, adoptable pets that are looking for a loving home right now. 

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