Honey Has Hope After Leg Amputation

An injured 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier arrived at Charleston Animal Society a few weeks ago after an Animal Control Officer found her on the streets. You wouldn’t know it by her affectionate demeanor, but she was fighting for her life.

Nearly two inches of bone was completely exposed on her back, right leg and her paw on that leg was swollen to twice its normal size. Her back left leg also had superficial wounds and she showed clear signs of malnourishment. The cause of her wounds remains a mystery, but it appears that she may have been caught in something causing encircling wounds around her leg. This gentle, 40-lb. dog had experienced deep pain and neglect in her short lifetime and yet she showed nothing but love as our veterinary team nursed her to health.

She was immediately given an IV, pain medication and antibiotics while veterinarians assessed the severity of her injuries. Unfortunately, the damage to her right hind leg was life-threatening with dead tissue, infection and maggots. Our lifesaving animal care team decided she would have the best chance of recovery if her leg was amputated.

The sweet nature of this brave girl earned her the name Honey. She lived up to her name every day, gaining the love of every staff member she met. After her leg was amputated, Honey adapted so well to the three-legged life. She is healing quickly and her love for people and playtime has only grown stronger. She was quite the star on Subaru’s National Make a Dog’s Day when she got to enjoy a room full of Subaru toys and treats.

Her big gold eyes and soft brown fur captured the eyes of one special person who just couldn’t live without her. She is now making herself right at home with a lovely family right here in the Lowcountry.

Injured animals like Honey arrive at Charleston Animal Society every single day, alone and afraid. We couldn’t offer them the second chance they deserve without support from our community. If you want to help us save animals like Honey, please donate to Toby’s Fund, which provides much needed medical care for injured or sick animals.