Helping Poppy Heal

On a cold, stormy day last week, within a span of 30 minutes, three stray dogs were brought in to us that had been hit by cars all in different locations. One of these pups is Poppy, who arrived in severe pain and unable to walk. Our expert veterinary team took x-rays that revealed multiple broken bones, including her tibia (leg) and pelvis. 

Poppy is otherwise young and healthy, but this accident has changed her life dramatically. While her prognosis is optimistic, she will still require months of intensive ongoing care. Poppy is now in a wonderful foster home where she receives bandage changes, regular veterinary check-ups and consistent antibiotic treatment.

Cases like Poppy’s require extensive attention, patience and resources. Our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary team saved Poppy’s life, but care for medical cases like Poppy’s are expensive. 

If you would like to save more animals like Poppy, donate to Toby’s Fund, our medical fund that supports $500,000 in annual medical costs for injured or sick animals.