Gallagher: On the Mend After Mass Removal

When Gallagher was brought to Charleston Animal Society, he had a large mass that spanned across most of his back. A Good Samaritan found him wandering alone in North Charleston, and he is so lucky that he was found when he was. Without proper treatment, Gallagher may not have survived.

A few days after he arrived at Charleston Animal Society, Gallagher started to break out in hives, his eyes swelled shut and his muzzle became swollen and red. He was having a severe allergic reaction, but our expert veterinarians couldn’t be sure what exactly he was reacting to. They gave him epinephrine, the same drug in EpiPens that treats anaphylactic shock in humans. Gallagher’s allergic reaction improved, but over the next couple days, the mass on his back spread to the base of his tail and neck. It was clear his pain was getting worse.

The veterinary team determined the mass on his back was likely an abscess that needed to be drained. They anesthetized Gallagher and made two incisions on the mass. The large amounts of gas and puss that drained from the abscess were likely evidence of a severe bacterial infection.

We may never know for sure what caused the initial infection on Gallagher’s back, but we do know he has improved drastically since the mass was drained. His incision is already mostly healed and we expect him to make a full recovery.

This now healthy one-year-old Staffordshire Terrier is now available for adoption and he is eager to meet potential adopters. While he waits for his future family, he is enjoying his time romping around the play yards with our staff. He is full of energy and his tail never seems to stop wagging.

Gallagher’s lifesaving treatment was funded by Toby’s Fund, which allows us to offer top-quality veterinary care to sick and injured animals. With your help, we can save even more vulnerable animals. Donate to Toby’s Fund today to help us heal the ill and wounded animals that come through our doors each day.