Cat-tastic Facts!

Cats are truly one of the trendiest animals on the internet right now, but did you know all these cool fun facts about them?!

1. Cats are amazing at showing us how they feel. One way they do this is by moving their ears forward, backward, and to the side. How many muscles do cats have in their ears to allow them to move them so easily?
2. Cats love to take naps. In fact, throughout their life, cats will spend 70% of their time sleeping. True or False?
3. Who talks more: dogs or cats? Dogs can make an average of 10 different vocal sounds. How many different vocal sounds can a cat make?

It is estimated that 85.8 million cats live in US homes. That’s more than dogs! Why? Because they are purrfect! Felines are a favorite of ours and hopefully yours too! Check out this All About Cats worksheet.