Four Kittens Found Under Trash Compactor

Kittens in Need of Help

This week, four baby kittens were brought to us after they were found injured and alone in North Charleston. These 2-week-old kittens were struggling to survive in the 90 plus degree weather underneath a trash compactor behind a Best Buy. This litter of kittens was living in unsafe conditions and suffering from injuries to their paws. They needed help fast. 

Fortunately, they were found by a good Samaritan and brought to the shelter for treatment. Our veterinary staff quickly discovered that one kitten was missing an entire paw and another had severe damage to two of its paws. Their injuries were cleaned and bandaged and they were sent to a wonderful local foster home. They will receive round-the-clock care for about six weeks until they are ready to be adopted. 

“If You See, Leave ‘em Be”

Typically, we encourage those who find kittens outside to leave them be and let their mothers care for them. Their mom will provide all the care, protection and nutrients they need and give them their best chance at survival. However, in rare circumstances, when kittens are found injured or ill, they may require a visit to our shelter for veterinary care.

As ‘“kitten season” continues at full speed, we are seeing a dramatic increase in kittens at the shelter. Just yesterday, over 40 kittens were brought to Charleston Animal Society, and there are currently around 300 kittens in foster homes. This litter, and others around their age, will require bottle feedings every three to four hours. 

Our foster families are skilled in kitten socialization and nutrition and they are dedicated to ensuring the best future for these vulnerable animals. However, it is important to remember that kittens found outdoors are, most often, best when they are left in their mother’s care. As we always say, “If you see, leave ‘em be.”