Insure your pet with fetch by the dodo!

Charleston Animal Society is proud to partner with Fetch by the Dodo pet insurance as another way to advocate for pets’ long and healthy lives.

Fetch by the Dodo provides the most comprehensive pet insurance for cats and dogs; striving to cover care not included by their competitors all in one simple plan.

“We know that a pet parent’s ability to afford future veterinary care is going to help guarantee that that animal has a home for life,” Charleston Animal Society’s Chief Advancement Officer, Sean Hawkins said. “We wanted to partner with a company that was committed to working with animal shelters and provides an affordable product so that the pet parenting public can have pet health insurance in place to pay for those unexpected veterinary bills and keep a loved family member home and out of shelters.”

Fetch by the Dodo provides pet owners with affordable options to ensure that their pets never have to go without necessary medical care. Follow the button below to learn more about Fetch and get your quote for their comprehensive pet insurance coverage.