Help the Animals with a Facebook Fundraiser!

Hey Facebook Fans! Did you know it’s super easy to start a Facebook Fundraiser for Charleston Animal Society?

If you have a birthday, a wedding or another life event coming up, why not have your friends and family celebrate with you by supporting the animals! Did you also know that it takes an average of $400 to get an animal ready for adoption (spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, tests for disease, dewormers and more)?

Why not start your fundraiser today and set a goal of $400… to save an animal’s life!

CLICK HERE to get started, or follow these 5 easy steps from your own Facebook page:

  1. Start a post
  2. Click the “three dots”
  3. Choose “Raise Money”
  4. Select your charity as Charleston Animal Society
  5. Write why you’re having the fundraiser and you’re ready to go!