Sheriff’s Office and Code 3 Associates collaborate to provide much needed training.

Charleston Animal Society is hosting the training of Animal Control Officers and a wide variety of animal industry professionals all this week at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. 26 animal professionals from around the country are attending the training conducted by Code 3 Associates.

South Carolina has no required training or certification for animal control officers and Charleston Animal Society is committed to raising the standard of care for animals throughout our state. With the completion of this last of three courses, South Carolina will now have over 20 Certified Animal Control Officers and Certified Animal Cruelty Investigators, significantly elevating the capacity for handling animal cruelty in our state. Local agencies including the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, City of Charleston Police Department, and Mt. Pleasant Police Department  are in attendance.

“With the completion of this training, animal control officers in our state will now have the most advanced training available to combat animal cruelty wherever it presents itself,” said Charleston Animal Society’s Vice-President of Operations and Strategy Aldwin Roman, CAWA. “The animals in our state will now have a new line of defense to protect them from harm.”

Code 3 Associates is one of the leading training organizations in the country for both animal welfare and disaster response, teaching over 800 students every year. Those in attendance are receiving Essential Animal Services Training (EAST). Charleston Animal Society has worked with Code 3 Associates for the past five years to bring a series of trainings to Animal Control Officers and others. This week’s session is “Module C,” the last of three modules that will provide a Certification in Animal Cruelty Investigations. Code 3 Associates also held a hands-on livestock and large animal handling course at the end of last week.

Training this week includes:

  • • Large Scale Impounds
    • Disaster Response Planning
    • Clandestine Labs Awareness for the ACO
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness
    • Disaster & Hazmat Scenario Tabletop Exercises
  • • Leveraging Social Media
    • Gender & Sexuality Awareness
    • The Cycle of Violence
    • Identifying Exotics, Non-traditional Pets & Wildlife
    • Exotic Animals


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