Dulce Defies the Odds

Sweet Dulce made a sorrowful entrance to Charleston Animal Society. A Good Samaritan found her emaciated, dehydrated and barely alive. Her tail was covered in maggots and dead tissue, her mouth was oozing green puss and she was massively dehydrated. Just skin and bones at a weight of 4 pounds, this pitiful cat had a long, bumpy road to recovery ahead of her.

Our expert veterinarians discovered deep, painful ulcers all through her mouth and they removed several maggots from her infected tail. Her tail was in such terrible condition, they had to remove it to protect her from further infection. With lots of antibiotics, pain medication and a several days in a cone, meek little Dulce started to show signs of improvement. She was ready for the next step: a foster home.

As the ulcers in her mouth healed, Dulce was able to start eating somewhat normally again. She’s now a much healthier 6.4 pounds. Proper nutrients and care in a loving foster home gave her the energy and confidence to start showing off her adorable personality. Her sweet demeanor inspired her name, Dulce. Even with an amputated tail, Dulce still loves to wiggle the little bump where her tail once began and she greets new friends with the sweetest meows and purrs. She will sit her bare little bum next to anyone who is willing to show her some love. Her recovery is astounding and she is ready to find a home to call her own.

If you are interested in adopting 8-year-old Dulce, email our Director of Adoptions, Courtney, at [email protected].

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