Charleston Animal Society Assisting Other Rescues and Shelters

As we continue navigating this unprecedented year, we have managed to rescue thousands of animals, along with helping many other organizations enduring emergencies from disasters to large-scale cruelty operations.

Right now we’re providing shelter for more than 500 animals, while we are assisting Chesterfield County with a major overcrowding situation. 10 dogs have been brought to Charleston Animal Society from Chesterfield and are now available for adoption during our Pick Me! SC Statewide Adoption event.

We are also assisting Berkeley Animal Center with the spay-neuter of dozens of animals so they can get them adopted during the Pick Me! SC event.

And on Friday, we will be bringing in 15 dogs from the Humane Society of the Grand Bahamas, which was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian last year.

We are able to do this thanks to your belief in us and our mission — always remember that YOU are Charleston Animal Society!