#CHSWalksTheDog: Lodi Coffee

A little bit of love and caffeine goes a long way…

August 24th, 2022 | North Charleston

Welcome to #CHSWalksTheDog, a blog series that brings together notable Charlestonians, with shelter dogs in need, in iconic Lowcountry locations thanks to the talents of volunteer photographer, Heather Moran.

Ask just about anyone in Charleston what the two things they cannot live without are and you’ll be sure to hear the same two answers: Dogs and Coffee. 

Luckily, Jenny Grosso, owner of Lodi Coffee, is here to make sure everyone in town has access to both quality coffee and dogs.

As a lifelong dog lover, with 10 dogs at home adopted from rescue organizations, Jenny (along with her husband Johnny) is dedicated to using her platform to help shine a spotlight on the animals who need it most in her community. Throughout the months of August and September, Lodi Coffee is offering a $50 giftcard to any new family who signs up to foster a dog or cat at Charleston Animal Society. This can be redeemed at their North Charleston location at 2210 Ashley Phosphate Road. 

To help shine a light on this lifesaving promotion, we decided to bring along some dogs for some “pup cups” and much-needed time out of the shelter. Oreo (4-year-old, male, shepherd-mix), Trixie (10-month-old, female, terrier mix), and Yeti (3-year-old, male, staffordshire-mix) had the best time meeting the staff, going on walks with Jenny, and of course slurping up some delicious pup cups. Shelter life can be stressful for dogs – especially older dogs who might not have ever been away from what they knew as their home.  Day trips out of the shelter can provide long-time residents a break from being in a kennel, allowing them time to decompress and to be stimulated with the sights and sounds of normal life. We also hope that showcasing our longest residents in a different light – outside the shelter walls – might allow a potential adopter to become interested in them when a family sees more normal canine behaviors exhibited on a calm leash walk through the city.

Yeti immediately fell in love with Johnny at Lodi, leaning all 80 pounds of his weight as he was pet. Oreo was able to pick up his pup cup directly from the drive-through window. And Trixie, as always, was completely overjoyed to meet new people and wiggled so much you would have thought the pup-cups came caffeinated. 

Foster care is an essential part of Charleston Animal Society’s lifesaving mission, providing animals young and old the opportunity to prepare for adoption outside of the shelter and receive specialized care suited to their individual needs. If you would like to get involved with our foster program and claim your $50 Lodi Giftcard, please email [email protected] or visit CharlestonAnimalSociety.org/Foster for more information.

Thank you to PetSafe for providing the Easy Walk No Pull Harnesses and Leashes for the dogs featured in this week’s session. Each dog from this session will go home with a complementary harness and leash thanks to our friends at PetSafe.

If you are a Charlestonian influencer or business who would like to take part in a future edition of #CHSWalksTheDog, please email Will Howell, Digital Marketing Manager, at [email protected] today!