Nominate Now for Post and Courier’s Charleston Choice Awards

Show your support for Charleston Animal Society by voting in the categories below for the 2024 Charleston’s Choice Awards. It only takes a few minutes to vote. Just click on each link and click “VOTE”.

1. Lowcountry Favorites- Best Non-Profit Organization  (Charleston Animal Society)

2. Lowcountry Favorites- Best Fundraising Event- (Charleston Animal Society Gala)

3. Lowcountry Favorites- Family Friendly Event  ( Charleston Animal Society Paws in the Park)

4. Lowcountry Favorites- Lowcountry Event  (Charleston Animal Society Gala)

5. Lowcountry Favorites-Local Philanthropists- Hank and Laurel Greer

6. Lowcountry Favorites- Outdoor Event (Paws in the Park)

7. Just For Kids- Birthday Party Venue (Charleston Animal Society)

8. Just For Kids- Summer Day Camp (Charleston Animal Society)

9. Pets-Pet Friendly Event- (Charleston Animal Society Rescue Brew)

10. Pets-Veterinary Clinic/Animal Hospital- (Charleston Animal Society Spay/Neuter Clinic)