Plan is to get 100 – 200 animals out of harm’s way as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida coastline.

Charleston Animal Society sent a team to Osceola and Brevard Counties in Florida on Friday. This evacuation team is planning to evacuate 100 cats and dogs from shelters in south Florida, which is directly in the path of Hurricane Dorian at this time. This is the first of several anticipated evacuations.
Charleston Animal Society is the lead emergency responder for animals in South Carolina and a leading emergency responder for the southeast.

“Hurricane Dorian is projected to make landfall as a major hurricane in south Florida,” said Charleston Animal Society President and CEO Joe Elmore. “We are working with partner organizations around the state and country to place evacuated shelter animals ASAP in anticipation of continued evacuations after Dorian hits.”

Charleston Animal Society is the key to effective hurricane evacuations along the Southeast / I-95 corridor. Working with other rescue partners, the evacuated shelter animals will come to North Charleston and then either be transported to a partner shelters or be placed for adoption at Charleston Animal Society.

“To make our plan successful, we need people to come adopt the animals we currently have, to make room for the evacuees from Florida,” said Charleston Animal Society Director of Community Engagement Kay Hyman. “Please make room for one more so that we can save hundreds.”

During last year’s hurricane season, Charleston Animal Society led South Carolina’s disaster response for animals during Hurricane Florence. The Society also responded to hurricanes in North Carolina and Florida.