Lifesaving Efforts Continue for 56 Cats Rescued in Hoarding Case

A Charleston County Magistrate granted custody of more than 56 cats rescued from a North Charleston hoarding situation to Charleston Animal Society. Now the challenge is to continue the medical and rehabilitative treatment of the cats.

The conditions of the cats range from very ill to relatively healthy, from friendly to feral. One of the cats was in such poor condition that she had to be euthanized. “We are going to look at each of these cats on an individual basis and develop a treatment and rehoming plan for each,” said Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Anti-Cruelty and Outreach Aldwin Roman. “We really need support from the public to help us make these cats better.”

The owner of the cats faces a felony cruelty charge: ill treatment to animals. “We urge people who find themselves in similar situations to reach out for help before law enforcement have to get involved,” said Roman. “There are resources in our community to help. If the original five or so cats had been spayed or neutered, we would not be looking at the situation we are today.”

Since the cats were brought to Charleston Animal Society last week, three litters of kittens have been born. “We are working closely with law enforcement in this investigation, but right now our priority is the health and well being of the cats in our care,” Roman said.


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