What is the Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses belong to the large family Coronaviridae. Several different strains of coronavirus are known to commonly circulate within human and animal populations…(CLICK FOR MORE)

Medical Supply Chain Challenges

In February, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) put out a notice that there are concerns the Coronavirus pandemic could disrupt the supply chain for medical supplies for pets…(CLICK FOR MORE)

Pets and the Coronavirus

COVID-19 appears to have transferred from a bat to a human, but WHO scientists say there is currently no evidence that suggests pets like dogs or cats can be infected with the coronavirus….(CLICK FOR MORE)

Animal Care and Control Officers from Across the U.S. Train in Charleston

Charleston Animal Society Hosts Training for ACOs from Across the Country

The National Animal Control & Humane Officer Academy (NACHO) will be holding its training February 10th through 14th in North Charleston. The goal of NACHO is to deliver a new higher standard in animal care and cruelty investigation training.

Hosted by Charleston Animal Society, the training will take place at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, 3691 Leeds Avenue.

NACHO was developed by The National Animal Care and Control Association and Code 3 Associates, two of the leading animal control training organizations in the country.

This week-long training is part of a comprehensive and hands-on 120-hour course that provides national certification in animal control and animal cruelty investigations for law enforcement professionals. Topics include Animal Fighting, Livestock Investigations, Animal Cruelty Crime Scene Processing and much more.

More than 40 officers from around the country and South Carolina will attend the training at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

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