Cat Found with Broken Jar Around His Neck

Tuesday | May 31, 2022 | North Charleston, SC

This poor stray cat was wandering on the streets with a broken glass jar around his neck. If not for our amazing team of lifesaving veterinarians and technicians he could have suffered and died from injury from the broken glass or starvation.

Dr. Lucy Fuller sedated him and carefully removed the glass with a hammer and soft towel. After examination by our team, he was given antibiotics, his wound was cleaned and he was given a great prognosis for recovery.

We never know what animal in need will come through our doors at Charleston Animal Society. Each day our amazing team of lifesaving veterinarians and technicians face unique challenges and life-altering injuries and sickness. We cannot save animals like Peach (the nickname staff gave him) without help from supporters like you.

If you would like the chance to help us be there for thousands of dogs and cats like Peach each year, please consider contributing to the Lifesaving Lexus Raffle  at before it closes Sunday, June 19th at noon.

The proceeds from this fundraiser go directly into our rescue operations across the state of South Carolina and beyond!