Barn Cat Looking for a Home Where He Can Roam

May 19, 2021

Here at Charleston Animal Society, we have a barn cat searching for a home where he could have a little space to himself. What is a barn cat, you ask? A barn cat is a fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered cat that tends to be more shy, fearful, or a little feisty and thrives in an open environment where he/she can be more independent. 

Barn Cat Basics 

Barn cats prefer not to be in a house where people would expect a high amount of direct interaction. These free-spirited felines thrive in settings like farms, factories, outbuildings or warehouses where they have some space to roam. Individuals interested in adopting barn cats must be able to provide the cats with food, water and vet care, but in general, these cats enjoy being on their own. 

When you adopt a barn cat, they will go home with you fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Just like every other animal that is adopted from our shelter, barn cats are examined by our American Animal Hospital Association-accredited veterinary staff. Our expert staff will make sure you have the information you need to provide a safe, comfortable home for your cat. 

Benefits of a Barn Cat

Barn cats do require you to provide the basics, but they are generally very low maintenance. Also, their natural hunting instincts can make them the best exterminator. If rodents and bugs have become a nuisance on your property, these barn cats might just be your best ally. 


Smooshy is a barn available for adoption right now! This eager explorer would enjoy spending his days on the prowl for bugs and rats or lounging in the sun for a cat nap. 

Smooshy is a beautiful orange tabby with a big personality. Although he earned his name from his squishable cheeks, this frisky feline only has so much patience for pets and affection before he is off on another adventure. He’s a big boy, so he’s cut out for a farm lifestyle. His distaste for the indoor world will require a suitable outdoor living space, but at least that means no fur on the furniture!

Are you interested in giving this helpful hunter a home? Check out our adoption page or stop by the shelter for more information!