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Our Adoption Stories Will Make You Smile

There’s nothing like a happy adoption story to lift your spirits during these uncertain times in the world. Last year alone 5,266 animals found new homes through Charleston Animal Society.  Not all of the animals turning to the organization for help started out with happy stories. Many were lost or abandoned. Some animals were injured or abused. But somehow, people just like you reached out and gave each of them a second chance at happiness.

Irene Finds Love at 83

When a 83-year-old Irene first heard about a senior dog available for adoption at Charleston Animal Society, she didn’t waste any time coming in to scoop up Donald as her own! This heartwarming story encourages all of us to adopt — no matter how old we are.

Not Ready for a Commitment Just Yet?

We have many ways you can help save pets from abuse and homelessness — including sponsoring an adoption or fostering.