A Reunion to Remember

As pet owners, we all dread the moment that we suddenly can’t find our pet. Did they get spooked by a storm? Did they escape out a gate left open by a guest? Did they slip out of their collar? Many animals that arrive at our shelter already have a loving home and simply wandered a little too far one day. Our goal is to make sure these pets are reunited with their loving families. 

This Friday, April 23rd, is Lost Pet Awareness Day, a day of celebrating reunions and raising awareness around lost pets. One recent reunion brought smiles to all at Charleston Animal Society. Last week, we received a call from Nate and his family who had been missing their dog, Snarls Barkley, for several days. She was scared by loud construction near their home and ran away. Fortunately, she was brought to the shelter where we could reunite her with her family. There was no shortage of wagging tails and happy kisses from Snarls Barkley as she was reunited with Nate at our shelter. 

Please stay tuned on Charleston Animal Society’s website and Facebook for an exciting announcement from Petco Love (formerly Petco Foundation) about new technology to help reunite lost pets!