A Brighter Tomorrow for Marlo

At Charleston Animal Society, when we receive a sick, injured or abused animal, it is our goal to ensure they have the best outcome possible. In the case of Marlo, we were her best chance at survival. Marlo was found on the streets of Ravenel cold, alone and barely alive. A good Samaritan brought her to a local emergency veterinary clinic and she was quickly transferred to our care. Upon exam, her chances of survival were slim and our veterinary team jumped into emergency surgery.

Not only was Marlo mostly blind, but she also had a deceased puppy protruding through her uterine wall, causing severe infection and pain. Our expert veterinarians and caring staff helped Marlo make a tremendous recovery. With a lot of treats and constant care from our team, Marlo’s calm, sweet personality slowly started to show. Her full-body wiggles and wagging tail became the ultimate greeting for staff.

In the best possible happy ending, Marlo has found a home with a loving family here in the Lowcountry. Her journey from suffering to thriving is just one of many that we see here at Charleston Animal Society.

Did you know every year we spend $500,000 to treat animals like Marlo? You can help us save animals like Marlo by donating to Toby’s Fund, which supports medical care from our American Animal Hospital Association Accredited veterinary team.