4-Month Old Puppy Found Homeless and Hairless

On September 10th, 2021, a Lowcountry citizen stumbled upon a sweet, hairless puppy wandering the streets alone in North Charleston. The 4-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier had swollen paws, cropped ears and longing eyes. He was suffering from a horrific skin condition that left him with hardly any hair and tough, scaly skin. This little cast away canine was lucky to be discovered by a kind soul who sought help quickly.

Help From the Experts

When he arrived at Charleston Animal Society, our skillful veterinary team confirmed that he had demodectic mange, a skin condition caused by mites in the hair follicles. While most dogs have some of these mites on their skin, they typically only become a problem in younger dogs whose immune systems are not as strong. This condition usually causes hair loss around the face first and if the infestation is severe, it will spread to the rest of the body. Unfortunately for Vlad, the demodectic mange, or demodex, had progressed to a critical level.

This sweet pup, given the name Vlad, quickly became a staff favorite with his gentle, affectionate personality. Despite the discomfort he was in, he still managed to offer kisses and a wagging tail to each person who had the delight of meeting him. Our animal care team prescribed him antibiotics, epsom salt baths and lots of love and attention. After 6 days of demodex treatment, vaccinations and observation, Vlad was ready for a foster home.

A Familiar Face

Vlad’s new foster mom was someone familiar to him. The woman who found Vlad alone and afraid on the streets fell in love with his adorable, wrinkly face and sweet disposition. She is diligently continuing Vlad’s treatments and he is feeling cozy and calm in his new environment. He is right on track for a full recovery and a happy, healthy life. His future is looking bright and his foster mom is planning to become his adoptive mom. 

How You Can Help

Arriving at an animal shelter is frightening for homeless animals, but arriving sick or injured adds additional stress and uncertainty. We wouldn’t be able to provide the top-notch veterinary care that these animals require if it weren’t for Toby’s Fund, our medical fund that provides necessary medical care for hurt or ill animals. You can help us save more animals like Vlad by donating to Toby’s Fund today!