Help End Animal Cruelty in August Campaign

During 31 Days to End Cruelty, all gifts are matched up to $50,000!

(August 1, 2023 | NORTH CHARLESTON) –  Since January, Charleston Animal Society has investigated 56 cases of animal cruelty.

“Cruelty against animals is not slowing down and it’s up to all of us to work together to put an end to it,” said Charleston Animal Society President and CEO Joe Elmore, CAWA, CFRE. “There is a link between animal cruelty and human violence. It’s a cycle we need to break.”

In mid-July, a dog who we named Van was found bleeding on the streets of North Charleston with both of his ears partially cut off. Van’s case is just one of thousands that your support helps make possible.


Cruelty has spiraled out of control to the point Charleston Animal Society is dedicating the entire month of August to the cause. You can join the “31 Days to End Cruelty” campaign by making a gift and having your donation double.

Charleston Animal Society has spent thousands of dollars fighting cruelty this year alone. Charleston Animal Society has treated countless victims of abuse, sent emergency response teams to cruelty cases, offered rewards to flush out leads for investigators and sponsored training seminars for Animal Control Officers. The Animal Society also provides complementary veterinary forensics, including necropsies, to animal cruelty cases investigated by law enforcement.

Every citizen can participate in the campaign by donating at During this special effort, every donation made will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000.

Community leaders including Deborah Chalsty, Shelly Leeke Law Firm, Paige and Tommy Hall, Jimmy Baldrick and Marge Lawson, and an Anonymous Friend of Animals have come together to create this $50,000 challenge.


There are ways each of us can help stop cruelty. If you see something, say something. Animal Control Officers are ready and willing to investigate your concerns, but they need a tip or phone call to get started. If you see an animal in immediate danger, call 911.

Take photos or video of animals you are concerned about. Never trespass on private property and don’t place yourself in danger.