Don’t Just Take Your Dog For A Walk…Take Your Walk For A Dog!
Did you know that every time you take a walk with your dog at home, you can help us raise money for animals in the shelter? Boehringer Ingelheim, makers of HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) and NexGard® (afoxolaner), will donate to Charleston Animal Society for each level you achieve on the WoofTrax app– up to $10,000! The individual and the pack who raise the most money will be recognized at our Paws in the Park event on March 19th at Riverfront Park by Animal Planet’s Travis Brorsen.


    • Step 1: Download the WoofTrax app and once enrolled, go to the Challenges Tab and Join the 2022 Step Up for Shelters Challenge™*
    • Step 2: Recruit your “pack” to earn more, or walk as a lone wolf
    • Step 3: Each time you walk, remember to start and
      stop your walk within the app.
    • Step 4: The more walks you take, the higher level you achieve,
      and the more funds you raise for
      • Please note: The app tracks the number of walks you take with your pet, not the length of the walk. A walk is equivalent to .2 miles or greater, so walk often!
*Challenge will only be shown for users in the Southeast. (South Carolina, Northern FL, and North Carolina)


    • Achieve Level 1: Sign up for “2022 Step Up For Shelters Challenge™” in WoofTrax app
    • Achieve Level 2: Walk 2 times and Feed a Homeless Puppy at Charleston Animal Society
    • Achieve Level 3: Walk 3 more times (5 total walks) and Feed a Litter of Kittens at Charleston Animal Society
    • Achieve Level 4: Walk 5 more times (10 total walks) and Provide a Comfy Blanket or Bed at Charleston Animal Society
    • Achieve Level 5: Walk 10 more times (20 total walks) and an Animal Can Receive a Health Check from the Veterinarian at Charleston Animal Society


Tips For Dog Walking

Prepare for A Walk