15-Year-Old Lana Needs Your Help

When Lana arrived at Charleston Animal Society, her head was so swollen her forehead was twice the size it should have been. Her whole head was covered in lacerations and swollen from blunt force trauma to her head and neck. Our expert veterinary team immediately went to work to alleviate her pain and suffering and to assess her injuries. 

What they found was horrifying. She had numerous deep lacerations on both of her ears and a huge gash on her head. Yet somehow this 15-year-old girl found the energy to wag her tail and offer kisses to all who greeted her. 

Lana’s wounds were sutured, and she was given antibiotics, pain relievers, and medication to alleviate the swelling. She is resting, healing and spending time with staff as an office foster, which allows her to enjoy human company in a quiet office while she recovers.

Lana is an example of just one of the many alleged abuse cases we have seen in the last few months. We are their voice, their safety and their caregivers. Please consider making a donation today to help us to treat Lana and to help end cruelty in our community.